I’m Marc, owner of gaddings.io.
I am located in Germany and a software engineer since about 2009 (counting from when I graduated, wrote code before that).
After graduating I was doing contract work for a while. Mostly for projects in the eGovernment sector and a small job in the controlling area of a bank.
Then I re-entered university as an employee, where I worked as a research associate and lecturer for several topics like programming and design patterns.
After that I started a software engineer career and worked employed as a fullstack developer (Java/Spring Boot and React.js).

Occasionally I used to work as a Scrum Master.

However as careers go I’m now mostly back to only backend and DevOps stuff again.

Here’s an unordered list of tech I do my daily work with:

Java, Spring Boot, Maven, Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, HashiCorp Vault, Eventstore, Beanstalkd, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, and so on.

What I really love in this job is turning ideas into code, working with great people and the continuous learning to stay up-to-date and to acquire new skills. 

Aside from my professional life I am a family father of two, rock-climbing enthusiast and general do-gooder.


What is this blog about?

I started it because I was commuting a lot on the train and often either used my time in there to learn new and interesting things or I have ideas, thoughts or findings that – I believe – could bring value to others.
A blog is a good way to persist things I learned and to ship my ideas to interested minds.

Nowadays I’m working from home almost exclusively, aside from some occasional workshops, training and team events. So the update frequency has plummeted quite a bit.

As I am writing software half a day you can expect to see the majority of topics about that.
You know testing, frameworks, etc.
But also more general content about architecture, patterns or agile stuff.
And, since I do this on my free time, also some of the content here will be about how to optimize everything else. The really important part of our life.