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"gaddings" is a term from an old german palatinate dialect, which means: "fits" or "is suitable"

I also learned that it's an old english word meaning
"to move about at random with seemingly little purpose"

Both meanings combined make a good theme for this blog: Move around and take whatever fits your needs.

I've created this blog for sharing my thoughts on various topics like


languages, frameworks, techniques, testing, building …

The fun part


Clean architecture, patterns, cloud native…

The things that matter and are hard to change later

Evolve requirements and solutions using self-organizing cross-functional teams

Collaborate with the stakeholders

Inspect. Adapt. Foster transparency.



Eating healthy, fitness, earning money, helpful skills,…

The stuff that keeps you going

me on a rock


  • Software engineer
  • Family father
  • Agile and rock climbing enthusiast
  • Located in germany

Keep it simple, even if it’s hard